Seajay Winters (smforhire) wrote in potteryfreaks,
Seajay Winters

Teacher with question

My mom is a first grade teacher who needs your wisdom...She has had her first graders create their pottery and it has been drying for months. However, she needs help with the kiln specifics...Temperature? When to close the lid? How long they bake at each temperature? etc.

My mother also has to make repairs to some of the broken items. Here she needs your help with what kind of glue to use prior to intial firing and/or if water will suffice to hold the object together, how long must it dry before intial firing?

After glazing the objects, what are your instructions for firing them (on stilts, on bases, on shelves, etc.)?

In the future, if needed, what glue should she use to bind separate pieces to make one unit? And should the items be glued pre-glaze or post-glaze?

Thanks in advance for your help! :0)
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