Kirstin (kir5454) wrote in potteryfreaks,

Help Me!

So, for my birthday, which is tommrow (Happy Birthday to me!) I am getting 2 small kilns. This wasn't planned, but we happened to run into a deal. An man who we have known for years, his Grandmother apparently have dymentia and has been put in a hospital. Well she had these two kilns, a small low fire and a small high fire, both no taller than my waist. They didn't know how much to sell them for so they offered them to us for $300 both both together. Well I'm all kinds of excited, but there is the new problem:

I've been trained in throwing, and my knowledge about the kilns is almost nothing. I know how to load them, and thats about it. And I have no idea about this small high fire kiln. I have no idea where to start to find more information about learning to fire these. I'm going home later today, so I might post pictures of them then. I need help.
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