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The World of Pottery

a place to come and chat about life. Stay awhile!

The Pottery Room
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HEY EVERYONE! and welcome to The Pottery Room!! my story: for the past few days i have been soo in the mood to go mold pottery somewhere. problem is, there are no places around me that allow that! the only 2 places that were near me have closed for business and have made me quite upset. so i have decided to create this community for all Pottery makers/lovers out there! and not just them! this community is for anyone who wants to come and chat about ANYTHING!! the beauty of pottery is that you can mold it, change it, and paint it beautiful. not one piece of pottery is the same. so since i know that everyone out there is unique i thought i would make a unique community! so to anyone out there whos got somenthing on there minds, whether its about pottery or school or anything- then this is the place to be!!! WELCOME!!

~some rules~
1) please dont come in here writing stupid crap like "yo fuck u fuck this community man" or "OmG LyKeee BrItNeYY 4eVeRZZZZ mWaZZZ!!" if you dont want to be here, then dont join and if you love britney, well then im sure ther are plenty of britney spears communities around here.
2) dont come into this community promoting other communities. thats just rude
3) uh...have fun! enjoy!